Reliable Insights
Reliable Insights
I have had the honor of collaborating with James Meadows on several projects and could not recommend him higher. He is an excellent strategist who listens first to the goals of the key decision makers and then extrapolates all data to move toward a goal that is a hybrid of all. His plans are clean, specific, and contain an honesty to them that relays the desire of my clinic officers to make more money by serving more people and, put simply, by doing a better job.
When I met Mr. Meadows I was a solo practitioner in a 1,900 sq. ft. office with 1.5 staff members. My usual day was between 40 and 45 patients. By dreaming with him and following some of his directions, I am now the owner of a 4-doctor clinic with 5.5 staff and a 5,000 sq. ft. office.We see 225 people on a typical day.
Please take this as a glowing professional and personal review. Mr. Meadows is a strong business partner and strategist for any company that has plans to grow and develop into a higher profile part of this community.
Dr. Bruce Rippee, DC, CCWP
President Chiropractic Life Center, P.C.
I can happily and highly recommend Jim Meadows to anyone in the market for a business consultant. His extensive and diverse experience coupled with his MBA degree translates to keen, seasoned business insight into any client situation. I’ve had the occasion more than once to collaborate with him, and the results have always been outstanding. Jim is ethical, astute, and client-centered. Possessing more than just a mind for business, he brings a heart for helping the client. In today’s economy, the need for that potent combination has never been greater.
Peter Bowerman, Copywriter and Award-winning Author “The Well-Fed Writer” series

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Reliable Insights